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Discussion in 'Night Vision/Thermal' started by Sa1000, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Tanker10

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    May 4, 2018
    It appears they've taken a page out of the ATN play book. Using customers to R&D their 12 micron scopes. Native magnification means nothing when it only works in warm weather. Didn't see that anywhere in the spec sheet.
  2. jonpace

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    Feb 15, 2019
    Coleman County
    FLIR sent me an overnight label to return my "repaired" Zeus back that I mentioned in a comment above. I say "repaired" because the they returned it in worse shape and with the same focus problem. They shipped out a new one the same day it was received. The new Zeus has worked flawlessly so far with 3 nights of hunts. It arrived just in time to be useful for a hunt last weekend.

    I bought a new PTS736 and it arrived last week. I was determined to use a thermal to hunt with after I got the thermal bug earlier this year. Damn thing has issues with turning on. I can only get it to turn on after fidgeting with the off/on button for twenty minutes. This happens at room temperature too. Tried several different types of batteries and an external battery pack. They did suggest I reset it to factory settings... which seemed to work for a couple hours... but later in the night it stopped turning on again. It was sent back to FLIR yesterday. Bummer being my 2nd FLIR with issues. Fortunately I was still able to use my Zeus all weekend and use the PTS736 when it actually turned on (just had to leave it turned on).

    If you need to RMA something - they have a form on their web site that handles the process for you. It even auto-generates a FEDEX shipping label. You can find it by signing up on

    I am pleased with the features/image quality FLIR offers. Assuming my PTS736 is fixed/replaced - I'd be quite happy with sticking to FLIR. There isn't anything on the market (besides ATN) that fits my resolution/native magnification requirements and price point.
  3. Dave Bittel

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    Apr 11, 2019
    I sent my Apollo Pro in for 1} a worn mount cam and would not lock or hold zero, 2} questioned if rear ocular could be replaced to convert Apollo to a Zeus, (it’s never worked well as a clip on), 3) to see if there was a firmware update (my zero has always changed when using digital zoom), 4) to see if it could be updated so the remote could be used without a external antenna being plugged into port on unit.

    I created and account and and typed all my insures into the info box in the box with submitting a repair. Paid the fee for shipping label and inspection and estimate. I was concerned that there didn’t seem to be a way to print out the RMA and the issues submitted with the request. Nevertheless my card was charged the fee. After a couple weeks I tried logging in and kept getting an error and could not get logged in. I called in and confirmed they had my Apollo and was told info I typed in with RMA request should be available to repair. After 3 months and several call I finally got through to a real person and yes they had my unit. When looking up the RMA number, they said it was sent in with no info. I explained my problems and at very least I needed a new mount. I was informed by a customer tech he would give info to “Steve” who did repairs and he would call me. I had talked to that person before I sent my Apollo in. Two days later, I have my Apollo back in exactly the same condition I sent it in. Mount had not been repaired and still will not lock or is loose on rail. There was a shipping label on outside of box with no explanation or any indication that anything had even been looked at. Needless to say, FLIR is getting a phone call tomorrow. For now I won’t by or recommend a FLIR product. If nothing else, at least Armasight had excellent service!
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    Nov 1, 2014
    Hey Dave - long time no talkie !!

    ( Dave was one of the first "beta testers" of the apollo standards back in 2014 ... I was farther down the list ... :) )

    Certainly doesn't sound like a positive experience :(

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