2 Trapped hogs..1 Big Boy

Discussion in 'Trapping Hogs' started by RattlesnakeDan, Jun 11, 2016.

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    Jan 25, 2017
    Dan regarding the handgun hits. How many hits, ammo specs and where'd ya hit? I have my trusty 'ol 226 on my hip and I've always wondered about how I would fare staring one down unloading 16 at him as fast as I could.....I have Federal HST 124's in my mags
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    I was using a Kahr 40, I bought it from a friend and he wanted me to kill a hog with it so I took it with trapping for a while. Just shooting some FMJ's I think. I may have missed a shot or 2 not sure but the other hog in there I shot once from same distance and it keeled over dead. Some hogs don't die easy. dipped skull.jpg

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