Question about GMX

Curtis T Crews

New Member
With this ammo scarcity going on I'm sure those of us who don't reload are pretty much taking what we can get. That being said I've acquired two boxes of Hornady 6.8 100 grain GMX. I like the idea of a monlithic bullet, such as Barnes, on hogs, especially of the larger variety. Anyone have any experience using these? Doing a little investigation it seems like the muzzle energy runs below what I like at about 125 yards, adjusted from Hornady's figures. Hornady uses a 24" test barrel and I ran figures at a velocity loss of 20-30 fps per inch down to a 16" barrel. It isn't really an issue because 95% of my shots are within 70 yards. I know Barnes' reputation but haven't seen any of them for sale in quite a while. Any actual use information either good or bad would be appreciated.