WTS: Armasight Zeus 640 2-8x42mm 60Hz

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    Oct 24, 2017
    WTS: Armasight Zeus 640 2-8x42mm 60Hz Thermal Weapons Sight

    Selling off my Armasight Zeus 640 2-8x42mm 60Hz Thermal Weapons Sight. I am going a different direction with my night optics, so this is now for sale. This is a unit that is better performing than the lower-cost Predator or Prometheus line of units, with a 640x512 pixel FLIR Tau 2 17 micrometer sensor on an 800x600 OLED display, and 60Hz capable, which allows for fast and fluid movement while looking through the unit. Focusing objective allows you to focus on objects as close as 5 feet away to infinity.

    This unit has been recently updated by FLIR Armasight with the very latest firmware which has increased the sensitivity, contrast, and detail greatly from what it used to be capable of. A huge improvement in image quality since the firmware upgrade. Used very lightly, mounted and zeroed on a few rifles, but never taken out to a hunt (never had the time).

    I may be willing to trade the Armasight for a WARRANTIED and PAPERED (with tube data sheet) White Phosphor AN/PVS-14 acquired from a reputable company (not some eBay tube assembler) + cash on your end depending on the condition and specs of the tube.

    Please note the pictures of the unit through the scope is taken with a cell phone - it looks much, much better in person.


    $4,395 shipped and insured to you. Unit comes with the actual Armasight Zeus and all factory accessories, such as the hard Pelican case, instruction manuals, connector cable for DVR, spare battery cradle, 2xCR123 batteries, and cleaning cloth.

    Payment can be conducted by USPS Money Order, Personal Check, or Bitcoin.

    Please PM me if you have any questions and I will answer back. I have lots of positive feedback on many other gun forums under the same username.

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