New ************** Barreled, Superlative Arms Piston Upper Testing

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    I am pretty stoked about this. A buddy of mine, Bryan of Bryan's Tactical in Minnesota is having me test a new series of components that he has not combined previously. He chose the major components and I got to choose the barrel length, handguard style, and color.

    Here are the components.

    ************** 18" 6.5 Melonited barrel
    ************** enhanced bolt
    ************** bolt Nickle Boron coated by Fail Zero
    Silencerco flash hider/suppressor mount
    Superlative Arms bleed-off adjustable piston system with Melonited BCG and gas block
    Aero Precision upper (green)
    Midwest Industries skinny handguard
    Charging handle - ?? not sure which, but knowing Bryan, not generic

    The upper was test fired with 40 rounds through a Silencerco Omega suppressor (which I will also be running) and the piston system adjusted. Bryan reported that there were no failures to cycle or lock back. With his lower (and recoil spring), cases are ejecting @ 3:00-3:30. Soot/GSR deposits were absolutely minimal.

    The Superlative Arms piston system is something of a wild card. We don't know anybody running one, but their reviews look good. I am already running 2 of their bleed off adjustable gas blocks that I like REALLY well. So I am hopeful that the piston system performs as well, also.

    Goals? The goals of the testing will be to check the accuracy of the *** barrel with the piston system in place and to verify the reliability of the piston system. The beauty of the piston system, of course, is that it will run cooler and cleaner. This is really significant given how much gunk backs up when using suppressors, fouling the BCG and even the cartridges in the mag.

    The upper ships today and with any luck, I will have a scope on it by Saturday and be hunting.

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