Holster for FNX-45 Tactical and Suppressor

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    Todd - I've seen you carry your FNX-45 Tactical with Obsidian silencer in a holster in at least once of your videos.

    Which holster do you use? Is it a custom Battlecloth model, or something else? I've searched these forums for the info but am unable to locate it if you have previously answered this question.

    Thank you
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    He has a video about the holster on the utube. It was just a few weeks ago.
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    Eric I’ve seen your BDS holster and it would be my first choice but I don’t think it’s compatible with a RMS like I have on my G20. So I did some searching and found this option - a rms/suppressor/light/molle/lefty compatible custom made holster - KT Mech Akela. Anyone have any experience with a KT?

    KT MECH LLC - Suppressor compatible holster
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    Feb 10, 2014
    Stoner Holsters does quality work and has great customer service. Im a really big fan of their finished products. If you call or email them, they will answer all your questions and give you a few different options to fit your needs. Here's a copy of my email convo with them regarding a holster for a FNX Tactical 45 with RMR and Rugged Obsidian. Btw I emailed them on a Saturday and they replied on Tuesday morning.

    "Hello, I recently spoke with Andrea on the phone. I am looking for the right holster for my FNX Tactical 45. It will have the Trijicon RMR optic on the slide and the Rugged Obsidian suppressor on the barrel. I will be using it primarily as a hog hunting side arm to finish off wounded hogs. I will be getting in and out of my truck in the dark several times per night with this side arm. Can y'all accommodate a holster for this application/firearm setup? If so, what do you suggest? I would like something that works reliably first and foremost. Aside from that the less bulky and easier to remove the better, but not at the cost of safety/ poor retention. Also, it might make more sense to attach the suppressor after drawing the pistol from the holster and remove the suppressor before returning it to the holster. Im guessing it might also not be possible to get good retention from the holster if you have to pull the suppressor through the holster to draw the firearm. If it is possible to make a holster that will work with or without the suppressor attached, I suppose that would be ideal, but I understand if it's not really doable. I've attached a photo of the setup below. Thanks in advance
    - Blake"

    "Hello Blake,

    I apologize for the delayed reply. I have talked to Jeff and the best option we have to accommodate the suppressor would be our PCS holster. It is $75 and to alter for the RMR sights would be an additional $45. Your gun would be covered to the threaded barrel but the suppressor would stick through the bottom of the holster (but we do need the diameter to confirm that it is possible).

    I have attached photos of the PCS.

    If you do not have the suppressor on your gun when holstered, then we would recommend the Paddle holster. It is easier to remove than a belt slide. The top of it has a leather rim for added retention and easier re-holstering. The Paddle can also be adjusted to a cant. The Paddle holster is the same cost as the PCS $75 and to adjust for the RMR is also $45.

    For either holster we would need to know how far away from the ejection port your Trijicon RMR sight is.

    Each holster can be made in Black, Havana Brown or Tan. All of our holster have a 100 year warranty and that does include the hardware such as washers/spacers/screws.

    Stoner Holsters

    -Andrea S.


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