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    Jul 16, 2018
    We have nowhere near the issue with hogs here in my part of SC that you guys in TX do, but in the past couple years our numbers have boomed from what I am seeing. I’ve gotten a good many word of mouth requests to kill problem hogs over the last couple months in places hogs have never been prior. I’ve killed 16 pigs on my last 4 nights of hunting here.

    My question is this; do you guys who do this heavily set up a business around it and/or get any sort of liability insurance?

    I’m not so much looking to make money off of it, but I do wonder if being a legit enterprise that is insured would maybe help getting more places to hunt both coyotes and hogs.

    If you did go this route, how did you set it up?

    Any info is appreciated.
  2. Brian Shaffer

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    There are some folks that make some coin doing it. A bunch of us do it because it is a way to hunt for free and a way to get the landowner some relief, a sort of quid pro quo kind of deal where everyone is happy.

    If you do it as a business, then you are definitely going to want separate liability coverage. According to my insurance agent, as long as I am doing it for free, legally, with permission, then any damages would just be covered under my homeowner's policy, should I shoot something I should not or should I drive into a piece of expensive equipment that might be hidden in high grass and damage it. If I am doing it for $$, then the homeowner's policy no longer applies. Don't take my word for it. Check with your own insurance agent about your own situation.
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    What part of SC? I lived in Florence for 8 years. I have an attorney friend that lives there that could help you.

    IMO, being a business wouldn’t help get you access anymore than knocking on doors. Liability insurance couldn’t hurt.

    You will also have to register each property with DNR.

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