Hearing aids while hunting for seniors

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    I'm in my late 60's and have a hearing loss. I have hog hunted with some younger guys that seem to have outstanding hearing. They always warn me when wild hogs are nearby. I have a thermo imaging scope which is extremely valuable but wish I could hear the hogs before seeing them.

    I have been looking at a Hausbell listening device that uses a plastic funnel and a microphone and amplifier. Not real expensive. Wondering if this device would be worth the expense and lugging it out to the tree stand. I'm looking for something to make me hear even better than the younger guys. Is that possible and practical?

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    I already have electronic ear muffs that muffle gun shots and amplify sounds. Works ok. I also have hearing aids. I'm I better off turning up the volume on those?
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    Having a directional mic in a box blind situation might be a fun novelty. In a tree/tri pod stand, it would be a pain in the butt to deal with it and your other gear, trying not to drop it out of the stand as you try to mount your rifle. You don't want to be wearing the headphones to the mic when your gun goes off!

    You probably should not turn up the hearing aids louder than normal when using electronic hearing protection that already amplifies sound.
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