Drinking Game for Hog Hunters!

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    Q: What the difference between Brian Shaffer and Joe Biden?

    A: Biden has fewer issues with boundaries.

    After viewing many of Brian's highly informative and well edited videos, I developed a fun game. It doesn't involve alcohol, so you can play at home or out on the property!

    I call it "Purple Posts".

    You'll need:

    Viewing device
    Data connection
    Twelve pack of 5.5 oz cans of grape juice
    Six pack of 12 oz grape soda

    You can play alone or with any number of buddies. (You can share the viewing device, but each will need their own set of beverages). Hunters by nature are pretty competitive, so rubber boots are recommended for multiple players.

    Start watching Brian's videos. Doesn't matter which one; just pick one at random and start watching.

    Every time Brian shoots a hog, drink a small grape juice. (Diabetics may need to turn up the volume to hear the narration over the whirring of the insulin pump).

    Whenever Brian mentions the term
    "Neighbor's Property", "Permission" or "Fence Line", chug an entire can of grape soda.

    *Do NOT crush the cans. This is very important.

    When your back teeth are floating and you feel fluid dripping out your ears, grab all the cans and head to the nearest fenced property line.

    (Mode of transportation doesn't matter – you can go on foot or drive. Driving is faster, but bumpier and more pressure on the bladder, so you make the call).

    Drop the cans just over the fence.

    Assume the "Ready" position - zipper open, thumbs in belt.

    Wait for the breeze to blow any of the cans to your side of the property and fire away. The goal is to soak as many cans as possible without knocking them back over the fence line. If that happens, you must stop firing and wait for another can to cross.

    Calling devices are allowed, extra credit for electrified wire and don't forget to lead 'em!
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