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Discussion in 'Hog Hunting Tactics & Tips' started by Rookie, Oct 1, 2017.

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    Yeah . . . . just trying to help out the guy with the OP with some real world expierance.
    I took down my suggestion/post of the far inferior chambering. I really would hate to see his wife end up with something like that. Especially if her need was to spray 'em down.
    For every action,there is an equal,and opposite reaction. Sorry guys . . . just the way it's gotta be. --- pruhdlr
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    Jan 25, 2017
    Yea that's true for sure. I wasn't thinking in those terms more along recoil and what 'can' kill a pig. I couldn't care less about recovering our hogs I just want them dead either on the spot or dead 50 yards away in the woods just as good. That's why I use 308 semi-auto! There is no guessing if it's hit it's dying. With all the pigs we killed over the summer it's crazy I went to sit in my climber last night to take a peek before Oct 14 opening day of bow(saw a huge 8 not yet on cam and a nice basket 8 from prior night on cam !). Saw two sounders of 15+ in the fields chowing away on rye an hour before sunset looked like Dances With Wolves buffalo feeding. Even with traps going all year long and thermal we are losing they are like a locust plague. Can't imagine TX which by all accounts is infinitely worse than FL
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    This! JP Spring is legit.
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