POI shift video. Suppressed vs Unsuppressed.

Discussion in 'SUPPRESSOR VIDEOS' started by theblakester, Feb 14, 2022.

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    Hey strangers! We’ve all heard about POI shift when shooting a rifle suppressed vs unsuppressed being a thing, but I’ve yet to see it with any of my guns. I’ve shot about 5 or 6 guns that I’ve zeroed unsuppressed before suppressing, both with day scopes and thermal, and Ive never noticed any difference in POI shift. In this video, it appears that there is a clear 1 MOA shift in POI, which is not much, but seems to be definitive. Combine that with zeroing a lot of thermal scopes and/or IR lasers and I can see where it’s hard to notice (still pretty much within MOP—minute of pig, tolerances). I know people on the internet talk a lot about it, but I’m curious about y’all’s real world results in zeroing accurate rifles suppressed vs unsuppressed.
    MrGunsNGear is at the top of my list when it comes to 2A content. I don’t believe he’s fudging results here. What y’all think?
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    It all depends what you think POI shift is. One inch isn't much and some folks don't really think it's a POI shift, but it is. To me the longer the barrel the more POI shift I see. The weight of the suppressor will also have a effect of POI shift. For example I have two AR-15's built with identical parts, barrels(18in) everything. The only difference is one I'm using a Sandman S and the other a Griffin armament sportsman Direct thread suppressor. The direct thread has a close to a 2 inch poi shift vs the Sandman S with right about an inch. I would have thought the heavier Sandman S would have a bigger POI shift. I also have two identical AR's in 6.8 (16in barrels) using the exact same suppressor's and opposite POI shift. I also see a POI shift on my 26 inch heavy barrelled bolt gun in .308. Although I don't recall how much.

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