Decisions decisions .450Bush, .458SOCOM or .50Beo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DeadPigs, Aug 18, 2021.

  1. DeadPigs

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    Mar 27, 2021
    Ok, my M&P-10 7.62 is my current night gun with a thermal optic. I love it! It’s reduced the pig population at my ranch quite effectively. However I “need” a day gun with an optical sight.
    I want a larger bore too. 7.62 is a great round but pigs are tough bastards. I want to use my PSA 5.56 AR-15 lower. I’ve read allot about all three cartridges and it seems the .450 Bushmaster has the best over all numbers for raw hitting power and accuracy.
    So, I found a Rock River complete upper but I’m verifying they can actually deliver in a reasonable amount of time because all uppers are assembled on order.

    Any comments before I throw down.
  2. J BAR K

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    May 13, 2015
    Red River Co. Tx
    I have both .450 Bushmaster and .50 Beowulf. All of my shots are less than 100 yards so can’t speak to range questions. At my ranges the hogs all have gone straight down. For me recoil is about the same, but in the woods usually very difficult to get on them for a second shot before they are gone. I like them both.
  3. scrmblr1982cj8

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    Mar 29, 2016
    La Grange, KY
    With the calibers you mentioned, I'd go with the .450 BM only due to ammo availability. Over the past few years, I've seen lots more .450BM compared to the other two choices. I've got a .450BM and it has performed well for me. I've got a .458 SOCOM and love it, but I can't find the ammo anywhere. I've stopped shooting my harder-to-find-ammo-for guns simply due to ammo availability. I saw some boxes of the .50BEO at the Louisville, KY Cabela's a few months back, but have not seen any since.

    All three will flat-out work, but finding them is the issue IMO.
  4. Itsazonik

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Cape Coral, FL
    I have all 3. I personally like my 458 socom the most. Reason being the number of bullets available. At this point I have about 30 different bullet choices for it. The 450 shoots a little further be with either one it depends what bullet you use. A good 300 grain bullet from the 458 will knock down hogs easily. With my 450 I generally use 230gr hornady htp’s. The 50 is limited on Bullets but packs a serious punch. So if your going for longer ranges I would go with the 450 or 458 and find a good bullet and stick with it. If your keeping the ranges shorter I would take the 458 over the other two. Personally anything i shoot with my 458 is under 100 yards. I shoot everything from 100gr aluminum hollow points from Lehigh all the way up to 525 gr cast from bear tooth Bullets.

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