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  1. pruhdlr

    pruhdlr Cantonment,Fla. SUS VENATOR CLUB

    Jul 9, 2013
    Building up my CVA HUNTER single shot chambered in 450B.
    It now has a 25" bbl and a 3lb 7 oz trigger with NO creep that was done by me.
    My project will include chopping the bbl to between 17.0 and 18.50 inches and installing a efficient muzzle brake.
    This will be another dedicated hog gun for me with thermal and/or a daylight scope.
    I will handload for this gun also. Tooled up already with brass (new AND once fired) ,4 different bullet styles/shapes,and already got Lil'Gun and H110.
    My usage will be shooting all bullets at 1200-1800fps. Possibly faster using the >226gr bullets.
    My ranges will typically be >150yds with 100yds being avg/normal.
    To the question - -> Do any members own any style (AR) weapon in this chambering ??
    Do any of you reload for it ??
    What has been your expierance with terminal velocity and energy ??
    What load,bullet,powder,crimp style,etc,etc. ??
    Any help/info/advice will be much apperciated. --- pruhdlr
  2. J BAR K

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    May 13, 2015
    Red River Co. Tx
    I own an AR and an American rifle bolt action by Ruger in the 450B. I can’t help with the reloading question, but I have found both guns to be very accurate and they will put a hog down. DRT. I think you will be pleased.
  3. scrmblr1982cj8

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    Mar 29, 2016
    La Grange, KY
    I shot this guy back in 2013 with my .450. He came in at 236 pounds. He took about 10 steps before he dropped dead in his tracks. For close range shots, I'm impressed with the round's capabilities.

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  4. Itsazonik

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Cape Coral, FL
    That’s my next project. I have a 458 socom and a 50 Beowulf so I figure I should have a 450 bushmaster. I love straight wall cases so it’s a perfect fit. I’m just debating on which upper to get
  5. mc68

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    Oct 30, 2014
    AF4C8233-D773-4843-8AFB-938E4E5065E7.jpeg I have been hunting for about ten years with a 20 inch Bushmaster AR in 450B. I hunt hogs FA6B623D-D1E4-4EA1-BA44-4779678A2C0A.jpeg with it and have had great success with the 250gr Hornady Custom ammo. Very accurate and really knocks them down.
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