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    Just in case you were not aware, on September 1 the changes for Texas House Bill 1935 will go into effect. It effectively removed the "illegal knives" (Bowies, dirks, daggers, stilletos, poniards, swords, and spears) from the Unlawful Carrying Weapons statute.

    Now the only restriction is for blades > 5 1/2 inches. These blades are restricted for carry in "51% establishments, public sporting events, correctional facilities, medical facilities, amusement parks, or places of religious worship.

    So come Sept 1 you will be able to carry that double-edged auto opener!

    Texas HB 1935 Signed Into Law - American Knife and Tool Institute
    ACTION ALERT: Knife Rights’ Texas “Illegal Knife” Repeal Bill Hearing – Knife Rights
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