Repairing a cheap gun sight

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    Mar 20, 2017
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    Last year when I did my first AR-15 build I wanted to have a carry handle mounted to the upper receiver.[​IMG]

    I found one for $20 at "Cheaper than Dirt" dot com. Made in China, The rear site incorporated in the handle adjustments for elevation and windage. The sight itself was loose in the elevation feature. I took it apart today to find the elevation adjusting screw had .015 clearance between the screw and the hole. Gave it some thought and this is what I came up with.


    I added some dowel pin holes to make the elevation members guided on dowel pins instead of guided on the sloppy adjusting screw.

    Overhead view shows I found room for (4)dowel pin guides but only used 2 of them. 2 holes are spares because the 2 guide pins hold the moveable member rock solid. Ignor the 6-32 tapped holes. That was my last attempt to make the rear gun site rigid.


    Guide dowels are engaged and the elevation member is now guided by the fixed member. This position is about where it should be but a test firing will tell for sure. The front site also has a vertical adjustment if needed..[​IMG]

    Hopefully I found a way to take a cut rate gun site and convert it into a quality gun site. Better yet order
    a carry handle from Palmetto State Armory. I got a darn good carry handle from them for $65

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