Pulsar RXQ30 Love/Hate but Mostly Love

Discussion in 'Optics' started by Bakester, Apr 27, 2019.

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    So just picked up a slightly used Pulsar RXQ30 as an extra. A buddy that I hunt with has one and he sees just about everything that I see with my 320 3X Zeus. Since its an extra, I don't care about video and I like having the option of reduced magnification.

    I love all the glowing reviews about how great the Pulsar customer service is so didn't have reservations in that department. I was surprised at how small and light the unit is, really LOVE. The image quality is great and the green screen doesn't bother me one bit cause I started with a Gen1 NV scope and it didn't bother me then. Love how the info bar at the bottom is so defined. The Armasight numbers/letters are a little fuzzy and that always bugged me. Love how it is already set up for an external battery. Which brings me to the HATE part.

    Am I the only one who has had an issue with the battery door? So when I bought it, I just tested with a external battery and worked fine. When I got home I tried the 123's and it wouldn't work. Tried 3 different brands thinking they were low on power. Called Pulsar customer service and the tech support guy explains that 9 out 10 times its solved by "trimming off the bottom of the battery" LOL!, WTF?

    Specifically the problem with mine is when using CR123's, the negative contact on the door does not portrude enough to make contact with the, slightly, recessed metal contact area of the battery. I asked him if they have doors available to remedy the issue and he claimed they do not but would run it by the engineering department. For now I just stick a piece of tin foil in there and it works. Guess I could put a drop of solder for a more permanent solution if the modified door fails to materialize.

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