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Discussion in 'Night Vision/Thermal' started by tashabay716, May 29, 2020.

  1. tashabay716

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    May 29, 2020
    Just received my new Halo LR 50mm and I am having some issues and wanted to know if any other members are having the same issues. I put CR123's in the sight that were shipped with the sight. I hunted about 2 hours the first night with no issues. I love this sight! (had been using Armasight Zeus 75mm). The second night (same batteries) I got into a bunch of pigs and the sight turned itself off on about the 10th shot. I turned the sight back on, did a NUC, but the rest of the pigs were out of range by the time I got back up and running. About 15 minuets later, I took a shot at a skunk and the sight turned itself off again upon recoil from the rifle. My battery meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen is showing full power after 4-5 hours of run time on these same batteries. I contacted Nvision and they suggested changing batteries. I changed batteries to Surefire batteries. Next night no issues in about 3 hours of hunting. Following night, same thing. Engaged a bunch of pigs and sight shut itself off during recoil. Turned back on, battery indicator showing full power. Tried another shot and sight shut off on recoil. I am shooting a suppressed 6.8mm with reduced gas block and a JP rifle captured recoil spring with three tungsten weights and the heaviest spring, so recoil is a little more than 5.56, but not much. To Nvisions credit, they offered to send me a label to ship the sight back for evaluation, but I just got the sight and would like to trouble shoot myself first. Two questions for forum members: 1. Anybody else experiencing sight shut off on recoil? 2. Does the Halo LR battery indicator in the upper right hand corner of the screen show battery usage in graduated increments or is it just on all the time when batteries are in the sight?
  2. pruhdlr

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    Jul 9, 2013
    My expierance with my older ATN ThOR.
    When I first got the unit and during initial sight in,every second or third shot it would turn off. The unit takes three CR123 batts and are positioned in a batt pack in triangular position. Each batt in it's own slot,and are positioned perpendicular with the guns bore line.
    I took the batts out and wrapped a double layer of the thin clear office type tape around each,reinstalled in the batt pack,and screwed back into the unit. Makes them a little tighter in their individual slots.
    I have not had a unit shut off since.
    My gun is a 6.8SPCII,18",AR. --- pruhdlr
  3. Brian Shaffer

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Forestburg, Texas
    Take the sight to the range. Document your results you did as above. Take some different batteries. Recontact N-Vision. You should not be having this problem. I don't see where others are having this problem. As such, you may have a bad unit.

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