NRA Special Ops IWB Holster

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    NRA Special Ops IWB Holster | Holsters | Gear Official Store of the National Rifle Association


    I picked this holster up a few weeks ago, and have been putting it through the paces with my S&W Bodyguard .380 pistol.

    The fit of gun to holster has been very good. The upper edge (wrapped and stitched), as luck would have it, rides right on my mag release button. I have had two instances of finding my mag "released" while in the holster. It would appear I'm going to need to address this if I continue using this holster with this pistol.

    I also found (on one occasion) that if one is not meticulous in ensuring the metal clip (very sturdy BTW) is not securely seated with its rib beneath your belt, the entire holster CAN pop out from inside your waist band and have gun/holster fall. However, once you take that extra moment to ensure the clip is seated correctly, this has not been an issue a second time.

    The rig has been comfortable to wear, and all in all, has been a nice means of carry when I don't want to use my wallet style holster.

    The jury is still pending on whether this gets the nod of approval for use with this particular weapon.

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