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    Liberty Suppressors Centurion pistol silencer is a monocore designed for 9mm pistols. A revamped version of their popular Mystic X can, Liberty Suppressors designed the durable Centurion (Mystic K) specifically for 9mm pistol use.

    So, you ask, what are some of the general differences between the Mystic X unit and the new Centurion can? Well, for starters, the Centurion is nearly 3” shorter than its cousin. (Precisely, it is 5.3” long; 6.5” with booster applied.) That is a definite improvement in maneuverability. Moreover, the new model weighs a controllable 7.9 ounces (12.5 ounces with booster applied), while its predecessor tips the scale at 10.5 ounces.

    See the video below to watch this short 9mm silencer in action.

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    Nice, quiet can there.

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