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    My past experience with Armasight Customer service was great. Andrew Amongol was great, he was on top of my RMA, and both of my thermals had the firmware updated and returned in a week. No so great this time. One of my two Armasight Zeus 640 3-24x75mm thermals wouldn't adjust the level and gain (brightness and contrast). Andrew asked for what firmare I had and said a new firmware would fix that issure. Armasight had both of my thermal for 6 business days and they hadn't even made it from shipping and receiving to the repair shop. Justin said he get right on it and they'd get to them Friday or first thing Monday. Well, it's Monday afternoon and I've tried calling 5 times overs 3 hours and all I get is an answer machine at FLIR customer service. I'm not going to call it Armasight, because obviously management has changed and so has the excellent customer service support.

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