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Discussion in 'Night Vision/Thermal' started by cajun bob, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Dec 24, 2017
    I thought with the new Pulsar thermals coming out one might be able to pick up a deal on the XQ50 Trail for my son in law. I've owned one for about 16 months now and he wanted to go the same route. Turns out they are on back order at some dealers and I'm being told that Pulsar is struggling to keep up with demand for some of their current models and they expect it to stay that way. The price point for the XQ Trail must be the sweet spot for affordability as the XP models are not as rare a bird. Thermions also expected to be in high demand with back orders growing. So long story short I found a dealer that happened to be getting some in and my son on law reserved the last one at retail price. Seems Pulsar is hitting on all eight cylinders and their only problem is lack of manufacturing capacity. And one other thing. Where did everybody go on this site? I know the server change didn't help but I thought things would return to normal pretty quickly. I guess that makes two things I was mistaken about.
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    Thanks for checking in on us… A few of us are still here.

    You and your son are wise to pursue a thermal, even at full retail.

    I fear an event is coming in which someone will use one for evil, and overnight they will be scarce, restricted and quintuple in price.

    Those who are thinking of purchasing of yet another rifle would do well to consider obtaining night optics now.
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