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    I just received a email from Capitol Armory on their Labor Day sale. If you where on the fence on any of the following items below now is the time to buy. I just got a ASR brake, ASR Hider, and a 9mm piston for $147.17 shipped. If I would have bought directly from SiCo it would have been $300, it says 40% off but from MSRP prices it is more like 50% off.

    My only regret is I forgot to add octane booster o-rings, I can never remember to get those darn things. I am going to call in the morning to get it added. I have purchased from here before and they have become my go to source for NFA stuff.

    40% off the following items:
    SilencerCo Saker 5/8x24 Muzzle Brakes
    SilencerCo ASR (specwar) 5/8x24 Muzzle Brakes
    SilencerCo ASR (specwar) 1/2x28 Flash Hiders
    Dead Air Keymount 5/8x24 Muzzle Brakes
    SilencerCo Pistons in 1/2x28 and .578x28
    50% off AAC Ti-Rant 45 pistons in .578x28

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