Almost "Vintage" Kershaw Folders With Co-Polymer Scales

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    Back in the 80's, Kershaw was in love with a rubberized Co-Polymer scales/handle material for many of their knives, particularly their folders: "Black Horse", "Black Colt", "D.WO.", "D.W.O. II"...

    I have a number of these discontinued models. Three of them have developed issues with the scales. I have no idea WHAT got on them, but something has turned a few of them into sticky/gooey feeling scales. As such, those have been just sitting for years now.

    Starting last night, I've been stropping a bunch of my blades. Today, I decided to give something a try. I've taken two of them apart (the gooey ones) to give them a good cleaning. I also decided to slather them with Frog Lube... just to see what would happen. It's always left a smooth/nice feeling finish to the polymer grips on guns, polymer frames, etc. What do I have to lose? Well... I MAY be onto something here. A good soaking in soapy water, a thorough scrubbing/rinsing... same gooey feeling to the co-polymer scale material. Before assembly, I gave all the bits/pieces their slathering of Frog Lube. The scales still have a very slightly odd feel to them, but a vast improvement over what they were. I think I'll let 'em sit for a while, slather another coat on them, and this time, apply a little heat as well.

    I didn't bother with the third one, it has another issue, one of the internal pieces has apparently broken off, and is in need of repair.

    So... if you have one of these nearly vintage type knives, and have had a similar thing happen with the scales, give it a try and see if it works for you.

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    I have one of the Black Horse models. No breakdown of the rubber yet, but I will file this information away in case it's needed later! I have a knife addiction problem and usually only carry one hand openers that clip in the pocket with blades of more exotic steels than the Black Horse. It does have good memories of successful hunts attached to it however.
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