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In my intro I mentioned that I was left eye dominant. That always works as a conversation starter. I don't look at it as a hindrance. It took me way longer than it should have to discover. It has a much bigger impact on my pistol shooting than anything else.

With that said, I want to share a REAL PROBLEM that one of my friends overcame.

Back before I new she liked to shoot Stacie was my colleague. We had worked in the same job function and would run into each other out in the field with regularity. Then the bad news came. Another coworker informed me that Stacie was sick and needed surgery. Being in the medical field of course I was very interested in what was going on. It turned out Stacie has a very aggressive brain tumor that needed removing.

I found out later that the neurosurgeons had really struggled to form a plan for this tumor but felt waiting any longer would put her life in jeopardy.

It was a few weeks later when I ran into her at a rehab hospital. I saw her from afar. She was walking very slowly. Shuffling is more accurate. She saw me and appeared to not want to speak so I just waved. It just so happens that I ran into her a second time a few weeks after that and this time she stopped to say hi. She told me she was struggling to find the right words to say. Her hand felt like it was being held under scalding water. She had had to learn to walk again. Among many other things I am sure.

Fast forward a few years. I hear people telling me that she likes to shoot trap. Cool, I thought. I would see her posts of a mini mountain of dove during season.. awesome. Then a couple of years ago I reached out to her because I wanted to buy a new shotgun. I had heard she was shooting competitively so I figured, hey, she should have a bead on some cool guns. Boy was that a mistake. I was used to brands like Remington, Ruger, a buddy has a Benelli. She dropped about 5 different brands of great shotguns, all five of which were foreign to me. I thanked her and went shopping for a Browning.

After that I was up in Waco attending a fund raiser at the local range. I happened to meet a guy who is a competitor in trap. I mentioned I had a friend that competes down in San Antonio. He asked who it was. When I told him his reply was, oh.. I won't shoot with her. Too good. Too good.

Long story short, for whatever level she is in she is currently the captain of the state team. She regularly participates in the big national tournaments and scores 197 hits out of 200.

The ability to overcome a brain tumor/brain injury and live life to the fullest.. wow. To lead the state team in trap and break 197 out of 200. That is just plain ridiculous.

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Amazing stuff. Good on her for her will to fight and heal.


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Nice story. Thanks for sharing.