5.56mm: MK318 Mod 0 / T556TNB1, A Small Study

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    *** I had started this as a full-on case study, before concluding that perhaps this would be most easily read in a condensed and less-formal manner. I also have all of the photos of deceased hogs on file, but am going to limit those published to the largest four***

    After a dozen kills and recoveries on feral hogs, I wanted to share my exploration on the efficacy of the Mk318 Mod 0 / T556TNB1 ammunition to produce quick kills. This was explored due to repeated positions that the 5.56x45mm cartridge in a shorter barrel length is often ineffective in downing feral hogs. In my limited experience; the ammunition in question is very effective on single or stationary targets where accurate shots could be placed. The cartridge's true shortcoming was in humanely stopping running hogs in a sounder after the initial hog was killed. In all, 12 hogs were recovered (15 were shot, with three piglets/shoats that were verified hit on DVR playback but lost into brush after they got up and ran off while I continued my engagement of running hogs). Of the 12 recovered hogs, four were verified near or over 200 pounds with the largest being 268 pounds as measured with a cloth tape (46-7/8"). It should be noted that I also had to stop two charging boars that were not disabled with a well-placed first shot.

    Rifle: Daniel Defense DDM4V7 with 16.1" barrel.

    Rest: An "El-Cheapo" Allen set of shooting sticks with rubberized rest. Capability for precision with this rest at 100 yards is ~3 Minutes of Angle (MOA) when fired from a kneeling position.

    Hogs that died from one well-placed CNS shot: (6). Of these; (2) were head shots, (3) were neck shots, and (1) was killed from a shot placed just behind the front leg. These hogs were (respectively): [Head] #1) 202lb / 40-1/4" sow at 87 yards, #2) 130lb sow at 42 yards, [Neck] #1) 145lb boar at 114 yards, #2) 90lb boar at 36 yards, #3) 268lb boar at 86 yards, [Body] #1) 150lb sow at 48 yards who dropped in her tracks as the spine was severed. **Of the (4) body/neck shots, only the 268lb and 90lb boars exhibited an exit wound**
    20181201 Boar Island.jpg
    [268lb boar that exhibited a pass-through from neck shot at 86yds]

    Hogs that died from a single shot non-CNS: (1) 227lb / 42-5/8" boar, shot just behind the front leg at 124yds. This boar took a lung shot and made it a measured 94yds into thick vegitation before expiring. I did not look for this boar until daylight, and with a different weapon. The SKS in the photos was not used to kill this animal. **No pass-though for the bullet**
    20181024 Boar Chimney.jpg [Boar killed from lung shot at 124yds]

    Hogs that required multiple hits to kill (3): #1) 70lb running shoat at 49 yards, first shot broke the spine and exited, second shot killed the animal. #2) 175lb boar at 82 yards. First round was too high into the neck, second shot entered the spine mid-body, and the third was the coup de gras. #3) was a 40lb running piglet that required a second shot to kill.

    Hogs that charged after a poor first shot (2): #1) 155lb boar first shot at 47 yards. The boar received an additional (4) quick rounds at approximately ~20 yards in order to end the charge. #2) 190lb / 39" boar first shot at 132 yards. (3) more rounds were shot at it as it quartered to me, and (4) more rounds were fired as the boar rounded third and headed home at me. It piled up at ~25 yards from me. Examination showed two hits to the front left of the chest from quartering and head-on, one hit to the right side of the chest from head-on, and one shot to the belly from quartering. **Only the hit to the right chest exited...breaking the leg at the shoulder as well**
    20181102 Boar Meadow-Triangle.jpg [Boar that charged. Took at least (4) hits to chest to expire in a 110 yard run towards me]

    20181030 Sow Triangle.jpg [Sow, expired from head shot at 87 yards...notice the bug eye]

    Bottom line: I killed over half of these hogs with a single shot, and am confident in the Mk318 Mod 0 / T556TNB1 to quickly kill from a single CNS shot, even a shot into the 'boiler room'. However, I did lose several piglets while I was shooting at others, and did have a couple of close calls. So I don't think that I am taking Thor's Hammer out into the pastures with me. I am also not seeing a ton of penetration here. In gel tests, the round in question penetrates well over 20 inches and often in excess of 24 inches. However into thick hog shield, this is not the case.

    Would I continue using this ammunition in 5.56mm for hogs? Yes. I doubt I'll come across anything truly massive out there that shrugs off a good hit...that being said; I am currently waiting on a 6.8 to arrive at my FFL any day :)

    I'd be happy to share more data with anyone curious as I have a ton of it. I just didn't want to bore anyone with all of the particulars. As such, if I missed anything, please let me know.
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    For those charges, kind of nice to have a meat skewer (SKS) deployed. LOL Good killin'.
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    Good info thanks for sharing
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    Good hogs down. Thanks for sharing the information. Interesting stuff.
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