22 rifle and 380 pistol

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    Feb 21, 2017
    I have Stevens Model 87D, tube mag. will shoot short, long, and LR (as if that mattered any more). The bolt handle pushes in and out to make it single shot or semi. The blueing has seen better days but it shoots great. I suppose this would be a good first gun for a young person that may not take the best care of it. It has a Simmons 3-9x50 on it that doesn't have to be if you don't want it. with scope $100 without $60

    FEG PA-63 7round 380acp, marked 9mm short on the barrel. Made in Hungary. After a little research on this, it appears these pistols are modeled after Walther's. $200

    I would like to sell these as a pair but if that doesn't go over I will separate.
    as a pair $275obo
    I have little interest in shipping these but if I must I will. I live in North Ft. Worth.
    I can get you better pictures if needed.

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